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Raising Good Digital Citizens? There Are 3 Types Of Parenting Styles.

There are three picture frames. One shows a phone with a lock around it. The second frame shows a parent and daughter looking at a computer together. The third shows a boy chatting with a girl and exchanging explicit pictures.

Let's face it. We all want to raise responsible digital citizens with the skills to make healthy choices online. You have your own way of parenting with technology, but is it the right one? When it comes down to it, there are 3 types of parenting styles, but only one sets kids up for success. Let's see if you're in that group!

Let's break down the 3 types of parenting styles: the Tech Enabler, the Tech Banner, and the Tech Mentor.

Ready to find out what kind of tech parent you are? Let's dive in!


Tech Enablers

At the core, this first type of parenting style has a relaxed attitude toward technology. Each kid has a smartphone, so you're not worried about things like screen time. You see the internet as a tool for teaching your kids to be self-sufficient digital citizens and like to let them figure things out on their own. You think that limiting your kid's internet use will only cause drama and limit their learning experiences.


Tech Banners

The exact opposite of Tech Enablers, this parenting style has very strict rules about technology. If your kids have phones, they have limited internet access (if at all) because you firmly believe the best way to protect them is to keep them offline. You probably spend some sleepless nights worrying about the effect of technology on your kids and wishing for a simpler time before smartphones.


Tech Mentors

This parenting style falls right in the middle of the Enablers and the Banners. You know that technology is here to stay, so your kids have phones, but you are deeply involved in their online behavior. You have a balanced view about the pros and cons of the internet and social media, so conversations about healthy digital citizenship and online safety are regular in your house.

We've broken it down, so here's the critical question.




Now that you've figured out your parenting style, we'll answer the important question.


Which one results in the most responsible digital citizen?

The answer is the Tech Mentors!

Despite their different parenting styles, giving kids unrestricted online access or no access at all puts them at a disadvantage. Without your help, they learn digital skills the hard way, with plenty of mistakes and consequences. Now, this doesn't mean that the kids of Tech Mentors will have perfect online behavior. The difference is that you guide them to learn better digital citizenship skills. Your parenting style develops a healthy mindset about technology in your family, and your involvement gives them a safe place to turn if they have a negative online experience.

If you're not a Tech Mentor parent, does that mean all is lost? Don't give up hope!


It's always possible to start building habits that create healthy digital citizens.

If it feels overwhelming to change, we have 3 simple steps to get you started.


1) Change starts with you! Develop a balanced mindset about technology.

Tech Enablers: 

It's time to recognize that technology is something to accept and regulate. You're doing a great job allowing your kids to discover the online world, but learning digital tools through the school of hard knocks isn't always helpful. The internet isn't always a safe place for kids, and they need you to help them navigate it.

Tech Banners: 

Technology isn't going anywhere, and trying to shield your kids isn't the answer. There are a lot of positives that come with the digital world. They can connect to family and friends, learn new skills, develop responsibility, etc. Adopting a balanced view requires shedding fear in return for a perspective that understands the internet isn't all bad.


2) This requires a significant change to your parenting style. Get involved with your kids' online lives.

Tech enablers: 

Until now, your kids have had unrestricted access to the internet while you've stayed hands-off. We're not saying that you need to lay down strict rules overnight, but it's time to put some healthy boundaries around smartphones. Connect offline while beginning to monitor their online activity. Your goal isn't to punish your kids but to guide them through becoming good digital citizens.

Tech Banners: 

It's time to let your kids have internet access. You shouldn't let them loose in the digital world with no rules but they won't learn how to become good digital citizens without being allowed online. Your goal is to give them the freedom to explore while keeping an eye on their activity to help them out of negative situations.


3) Don't avoid the hard conversations.

Tech Enablers: 

Boundaries will surprise your kids, and they may resist the change. Instead of caving in or buckling down to enforce rules, start conversations. They won't be easy, but that's precisely why you must have them. Explain that the new rules help build effective coping strategies if things become dangerous online. Remember, this isn't a conversation to have once, but it should become part of your typical family dynamic.

Tech Banners: 

Your kids may need help with knowing how to act online. They may make poor decisions as they explore their new freedom, but that doesn't mean it's time to pull them offline. Instead, get involved and help them develop digital citizenship through constant communication. Make conversations about online safety and healthy online behavior part of your regular family dynamic.


No matter which of the 3 types of parenting styles you fall into, your kids can learn healthy digital citizenship.

If you fall into the tech mentor parenting style, you're on the right path. Keep up the good work! If you have a tech enabler or tech banner parenting style, your kids need you to make some changes and get involved. It won't be easy, but the result will be worth it. After all, isn't the ultimate goal to raise healthy digital citizens?


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