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A Fully Functional Smartphone for Kids. The Key to Their Online World For Parents.

Two Aqua Ones and one parent dashboard on a blue background

Have you ever searched “best smartphone for kids” or “healthy phone for kids?” If you’re one of the nearly 25,000 parents searching Google for those answers every month, you’re not alone. You’ve seen all the solutions out there advertising themselves as “healthy” or “safe,” but what does that even mean? Well, it’s time you had a real answer and a powerful solution to these plaguing questions.

Enter the Aqua One, An Actual Smartphone For Kids.

Our mission began during the onset of the 2020 pandemic when intentional self-harm claims in teens shot up by 334% and mental health claims increased by over 103%. Did parental monitoring apps and screen time limits make a real dent in this crisis? NO.

Families deserve better.

You deserve better.

It’s time for a phone that shows you everything your kid does online and tracks their mental health at the same time.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. You just haven’t heard of the Aqua One yet, the first smartphone for kids that gives you unlimited access to your kid's online activity and unlocks a deeper understanding of the impact social media has on their mental health and wellness.

Let’s break this down.

Every action taken on your child’s Aqua One device is visible to you:

  • their watch history
  • text messages
  • search history
  • social media activity
  • and more.

All of that activity is displayed in our comprehensive web application on your iOS or Android phone, allowing you to see everything. From anywhere. At any time.

Monitored Platforms

Out with limitations. In with involvement.

Throwing accepted solutions out the window with full internet access and no screen time limits, your kid's Aqua One smartphone encourages involvement over limitation and reinforces the importance of open communication in a time when so many kids are quietly experiencing the negative effects of social media and making potentially irreversible decisions.

It accomplishes one thing.

It turns you into Iron Man so you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know what your kid is doing on their phone.


Let’s bring mental health awareness into the picture.

Moving beyond just monitoring, the Aqua One is equipped with our revolutionary Mental Health Check. Designed alongside clinical child psychologists, the Mental Health Check interrupts your kid’s scroll three times a day with emotional, environmental, and mood-based questions. You can view all their responses in your Parent Dashboard, providing you with unparalleled insight into your kid's mental and emotional health.

Simply put, there’s no more guesswork on your part.

Mental Health Check Question and Response

For the first time, social media monitoring integrates with mental health awareness, turning your kid's online activity into trusted answers and real-time insight for you. With Aqua One’s Parent Dashboard, checking in on your child is as easy as checking your own social media.

Say goodbye to DIY solutions or parental monitoring apps that only show you parts of the picture. Say hello to the future of modern parenting and order your child’s Aqua One today!

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